Watching the Watchers

I spy with my little eye
Something small, yet consequential
A tiny spy fly
Somebody told, somebody knew
Someone is watching all that you do

Watching the watchers
Turn the light on, so I can see too
Watching the watchers
Turn it around, off me and on you

The invisible man, a mouse click away
Always on-line, by night every day
Cookies and bits, a megabyte or two
Soon they're gonna know everything about you

Watching the watchers . . .

The world has become a scary, hairy place
With psychotic corporations
And anti-terror police states
Privacy and liberty are leaking away
Its time that they all came up under our gaze

Watching the watchers . . .

The Bush league plays in a field of dreams
Where nothing is ever quite what it seems
Hucksters selling snake oil, circus barkers in hats
A tent full of freaks, I see them like that

Watching the watchers . . .

Copyright ©2004 T. Atkinson