Gazing out the window, the rain streamed down bubble glass
Anesthetized to take the edge away
The street dripped like a Dali trip
A melancholy day pissed on by indifferent or angry gods
I left a tip stepped out the door to face the rain wraith head on

At the corner stuck for the light to change
I took shelter from the storm
I shared my umbrella with an angel
She told me her name was Rainbow

We walked to her flat, I kept the rain at bay
She asked me in for tea
This dreary day perked up considerably
Of course, I said "yes"

I lit a fire took the chill out of the air
Nothing says warm and cozy like a nice, toasty ... fire
We started with tea and biscuits, but that quickly turned to wine
Talk was light and easy, two strangers became unstrange
I can be dense, but I knew enough to take my cues this ... time

She's a fine lover with a passionate heart
Her eyes sparkle when she smiles
While I don't understand I don't question why
Or how we happended to meet
Its a comfort lying next to her, we drifted off to sleep

Next morning she asked that I stay for a while
There was nowhere I'd rather be
A dozen years later and we still wake up
To lovemaking and ... tea

Its raining as the day we met
Rainbow's still a comfort to me

copyright ©2017 T. Atkinson