The master thief slips through the shadows
Silently invokes a stealing charm

Floats like a dream across the parquet floor
While the old guard rages on against imagined enemies
Oblivious to time ... and thieves

A radiant moon arcs slowly across the night
Moonbeam slices cut like laser light
Reveals the object of mystery and desire
Forgotten in time ... obscured by dogma
He stares at it in wonder
Its empty eyes and stoic smile say nothing
He stashes it to vanish in the darkness
Retreating to the comfort of his lair

He closes his eyes
Puts on the mask
To be whisked away
Living it up in a spirit world cabaret
Stonehenge, Giza, Machu Picchu, Tiwanaku,
Teotihuacan, Gobekli Tepe

Votive candles and incense guide his way

... nothing really matters that isn't in your heart
No ancient runes divined
No timeless riddle solved
No alchemist's gold cookbook or elixer of life
Sometimes things you look for lie hidden in plain view
Believers still believe
Doubters will doubt
But knowers know of what its worth

copyright ©2012 T. Atkinson