Theatre of Light

In a strange twist of fate
You've arrived on the open stage,
Echoes from a time far away

Mind the lights, take off your shoes,
Find your place, watch your cues
It's time to act, to play the part you choose.

All the world's a stage, we're all playrights every day
Curtains rise, curtains fall, what is real?
You never need auditions, there are no curtain calls
Everyone is a star in the Theatre of Light

Who are we behind the stage?
Meaning's on another page,
Beyond a tale of irony and wit.

Is your screen play from your other life
A sad one filled with pain and strife
Toss the script, improv it all the way.

Each day you act it out,
Make up rhymes and winging lines,
No directors or stuntmen to save you.
Off-broadway is fine, you live it all the time,
For me, its "to be or not to be"

You're more than an actor,
In more than a role,
Move out of shadow and illusion,
Git it in your soul,

When the stage lights dim shine clear and bright
Dig deep and find your muse
Be a star in your own ... Theatre of Light

copyright ©2015 T. Atkinson / L. Gray