Sorry's Never Enough

Sorry’s never enough, no matter how you try
To save yourself from the things that hurt your pride
You’ve been wronged so many times
You think that it makes you right
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, and sorry’s never enough

You go through the same drill all too often
Each time no different from the last
Though you say its not your fault, shit happens all the time
In the end, nothing gained and more is lost

Your words and misdeeds ... betray you
Who can you count among your friends
The time you insist you lack, ticks away you can’t turn it back
With no chance ... to make amends

Living in the distortion field you’ve created
Tone deaf to how you make others feel
You never thought it would end this way
Your best days long gone
You’ve convinced yourself ... you’re justified

copyright ©2017 T. Atkinson