Saturnalia (Rise Up!)

Please, forgive my indescretion
I thought I was a better man
I never wanted to rule the world
They played me for the greater fool I am

Deep inside the echo chamber
A writhing snake eats its tail
Propaganda masquerades as truth
Plastic soul in a paper bag
Rise up

Rise up, rise up, open your eyes
The illusion you see is just a disguise
Rise up, rise up, open your mind
All you know is untrue, you must seek to find

Rise up ... Where is the outrage?
Rise up ... You have a voice
Rise up ... You have the power
Rise up ... Do the √úbermensch fandango

Saturnalia was intoxicating
Anarchy on the parched earth
Transfixed by the effigy of a burning man
A dung beetle high on elephant shit
Rise Up

Suckered by their fake democracy
Rigged and gamed, its a deep state job
Oligarchs and kleptocrats and spies and lies
The one percent

Rise up ...

copyright ©2014 T. Atkinson