Rocket to the Moon

Hello my old friend, its good to see you
Your shining face is looking bright and full tonight
Every night when I look up I pause to wonder why
You hang around here, and what you've seen

When time was born and the earth began
From the spark of life to the age of man
If I may, what would you say about coincidental DNA?
If I throw a rock into the middle of the sea
That would be me, a ripple in infinity

Fly me in a rocket to the moon
I'm leaving soon
All that I ever want to be
Is sailing free, the endless sea

If time is like a mobius strip
And we are on a continuous trip
Passing through concentric planes
Our cosmic energy remains
I want to be a cosmonaut across space and time
Going outside through, and yestermorrow

Fly me in a rocket to the moon . . .

I want to gaze in the eye of the moon
A portal through time
Decipher ancient runes

And then while I'm way, I'll write home every day
'bout why the man in the moon is grinning

Fly me in a rocket to the moon . . .

Copyright ©2005 T. Atkinson