Nothing Left to Say

All the things we built,
Where are they now?
All the times we made amends
Was it just pretend?

I have been the villain and the hero,
The chaff and the grain,
My world has long since faded
From color to grey.

I have nothing left to give, nothing to get,
Nothing to lose, nothing to win,
It's time I'll be on my way.
There's nothing left to say.

You were my oasis in the desert,
Cool water ran deep,
But the source has run dry,
The life it supports has withered and died.

If I found and uncorked a genie
Who burst forth in a blaze of white light,
I don't know that I'd wish to
Make it all right.


When there's indifference with no caring,
No understanding, only anger,
No patience, just frustration,
Resentment where love used to be,
The past has no future, and there's nothing left to save.

I can no longer be angry,
I'll take my share of the blame,
Everyone is wounded,
When love dies.


copyright ©2015 T. Atkinson