Nothing Without You

I ran across the desert
To drink from a silent spring
Climbed the highest mountain
To see what tomorrow would bring

Sailed across the ocean
In search of exotic lands
Trekked across antarctica
To see the day that never ends

Of all the things I do
None compares to being with you
Of all the things I've seen
Of all the things I've ever been
I'm nothing without you

Dove the deepest ocean
To find the center of the earth
Stole the Mona Lisa
To see what it was worth

Plundered pirate treasure
To find that all that glitters is gold
Dug up t-rex bones
To see that they were old


If a genie in a lamp
Gave me just one wish
I'd chose that our love
Would never die

If in the heart of darkness
I discovered the fountain of youth
I wouldn't take a drink
Without you by my side


Broke a bathroom mirror
To see if my luck would change
Crossed the Bermuda Triangle
To discover something strange

Stealthed through Area 51
To see if they exist
Wrote a blog and Googled it
To see if I exist

copyright ©2007 T. Atkinson