Lady of the Lake

Of kings and queens and knights errant
The call of chivalry
A legend retold for a thousand years
The quest of Camelot

Throughout this tale you puzzle me
Your shadow touches all
From Arthur to Excalibur
From Merlin to the Grail
From Launcelot to Guinevere
My Lady of the Lake

In your hand Excalibur rose from the depths
To seal King Arthur's power and fate
When overcome by mortal wounds
He sailed with My Lady into the light
Beyond the mist, to Avalon

You raised young Launcelot as your own
The knight's knight, the Queen's champion
But a fatal affair with Guinevere
Stained him before the Grail
And cracked the foundation of Camelot

A radiant beauty you must be
Though my eyes cannot attest
A fair arm draped in samite
Is all we've seen at best
Oh, Lady, who art thou
My Lady of the Lake

[instrumental bridge]

This femme fatale beguiled Great Merlin
Wise though he was, unwise in love
Betrayed in his sleep by his own spells
Entrapped in your enchantment hell

My Lady, you're a dangerous mistress
Legends for all time
Mere mortals of flesh and blood
And in the end we're destined to suffer
From the vincibility of heart

My Lady, you're an enigma
Someone I'll never know
Perhaps its best
Though my own quest
May some day take me
Beyond the mist, to Avalon

copyright ©2007 T. Atkinson