Jungle Rain

In the lukewarm innocence of time
The Sirens call my name
A melodious whisper in the recess of my mind

An urban nomad stumbles through
A mirage of contentment
This timeless wonder a parody in synthetic life

The scene inspired by jungle rain
The prodigy contemplates the distance
Between two random drops of rain

Our fallen hero lies in a bed of clover
While the drunken poet recites lines in haiku
The holy man, bemused by the sad affair
The randy princess begs off to do her hair

The mythical beast sips on his absynth and tea
Contemplating Pascal's irony*
From ashes to stardust, scattered by the cosmic wind
Patiently waiting for eternity to begin

The simple life of a complex man
The fortitude of Sisyphus
My muse, a charm spirit keeps me warm

copyright ©2010 T. Atkinson

*Actually, this reference is to "Pascal's Wager", but "wager" didn't have the right number of beats to fit the line. Pascal's Wager is a philosophical argument conceived by Blaise Pascal for believing, or for at least taking steps to believe, in God. Read more here. Enquiring minds want to know.