I Forget

My memory's not what it used to be
Or maybe it just never was
I'll forget anything
I can't help it, just because

When I try to tell a joke
Its hard enough not to laugh out loud
But I always forget the punchline
blah blah something something head ... in a cloud

Ooh, my memories fade away
With a mind that's like a sieve
I forget too many things
The only excuse I can give ... I forget

I wrote a song the other day
Among the best I think I'd penned
But when I tried to play it again
There was nothing but the end

My poor memory's got a good side
When I'm bored it helps a lot
I can see a movie many times
'Cause I always forget the plot


Perhaps I need to eat my spinach
Or do some mental exercise
I always tell the truth
'Cause I forget my lies

Special days give me trouble
Dates are really not my thing
Missed birthdays are never good
I forget my wedding ring

My memory's not what it used to be
Or maybe what it never was
I forget everything ...
... Now, what was I saying?
... I forget

copyright ©2015 T. Atkinson / L. Gray