As I drift across the sea
On a raft I call "Free"
Guided by the current's hand
Long weeks away from land

One day I felt a strange breeze
Albatross winked at me
Then a furious wave crashed my raft swamping me

When I woke up on the beach
Warm sand touched my cheek
Gazing up at paradise
A dream come to life

Rainbow birds filled the sky
Butterflies fluttered by
Felt the pulse of the jungle rhythm, the air came alive

At night as I lie on the beach
Let the surf cast its spell on me
Gaze into the mystic, ten billion points of light
Blow away the sands of time
The speed of life

Then I start a new day
Let the world melt away
And gather my coconuts, mangoes and tea

One night I was watching the fireflies dance in the moonlight
A glow in the distance caught my eye
In the morning I found a casino ... moored on my beach

So I built myself a raft, made of palm trees and leaves
Loaded it with coconuts, mangoes and tea
Put "Free II" out to sea
Albatross winked at me
When a curious wind blew me on to paradise.

copyright ©2012 T. Atkinson