I Didn’t See It Coming

The future’s arrived, its a mind bender
If this was the plan you can return to sender
Living like junkies on a steady fix
Of social media and insta-pix
All you think and all you say
Is scrutinzed and stored away
Go down the rabbit hole for the proof
“Follow the money” find the truth

When all you know’s turned on its head
Next thing you know you’re the walking dead
I never thought I’d see the day, never thought that I’d say
I didn’t see it coming

1984 was a far out thought
Who’d a thunk it would hit the spot
Milli Vanilli was ahead of their time
Tossed for fake music, it was hardly a crime
Political correctness is on the rise
You can always troll middle-aged white guys
Gender ID is whatever you say
We’re all transient-sexual any way

The dream is over, Queen lost her head
When morning comes I’m gonna stay in bed
I’ll watch fake news w/ a bag on my head
Troll for snowflakes in July ... looking for a fresh one

You know, its kind of easy to lose your head over all this stuff. Everything is moving so fast. Change is continuous. Technology has taken over our lives and its become our God.

Self-driving cars are about to take over the streets, robots are taking all the jobs. AI is becoming smarter than we are
... the ghost in the machine.

Where are people going to end up in all this? We are the low man on the tech totem pole and becoming kind of obsolete. We’re being eaten by the creature we created.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe aliens shouldn’t come down and take over and benevolently rule over us. Kind of like the good side of Star Trek.

But then again, suppose they are not nice, and want to destroy or enslave us. Make us work in mines on asteroids or something. Or put us in the matrix, and harvest our life force.

Maybe do live in a simulated or synthetic universe
... an alien science project.

What do you wish for anymore these days? Do you just close your eyes, and stumble through ... hope for the best?

I feel like I’m in a fun house or a house of mirrors. But there is no door. Do I really want a door? I don’t know. I could use some Houdini skills. Maybe I don’t even need a door ...

copyright ©2017 T. Atkinson