Cult of Personality

I don't know what you've been told
What you've bought, or what you've sold
Its all the same to me
A cult of personality

From my perspective, its what I see
This kooky magic called celebrity
Be it voodoo, vibe or Zen
Or just religion

Fame graces those in whom we fascinate
In your mind's eye
Do they flash like a neon sign?

I never see no
I never hear no
I never speak no
I'm a cynical guy
Sometimes I feel lost
When the lines get crossed
Living behind the night
'til I see the light

Well, I can see by your eyes
Your eyes they tell me everything
Yes, I can see your disguise
Your eyes, they tell me everything

On by one I've seen them come
But, soon enough they all come undone
A cause celebrity
A cursed personality

Fame rescues vain from obscurity
But, we obsess
And the paparazzi find their prey


They are the chosen ones
In whom that we beseech
Who we stroke with our attention
Who are sulking prima donnas
Who need would-be sycophants
But, a man is a man at the end of the day
And we are left with what they say

copyright ©2005 T. Atkinson