Capitalism is Eating Itself

As the curtain is drawn I hear a swan song
Whispering in my ear
In anticipation and glum fascination
Haunted and gripped with fear

Balancing on the high wire
Goaded on by consuming desire
The plasma is beaming, the iPod is screaming
Capitalism is eating itself

A mountain of gold in a fool's paradise
Crumbling at my feet
The smoldering ruble is stoked by the fires
Of wanton greed and deceit

The shills are exposed as the thieves that they are
The bankers have fleeced the sheep
When diamonds are dust and dreams turn to rust
Capitalism is eating itself

A psychopathic sense of entitlement
A billion are too poor to survive
Complicit, complacent, systemic debasement
The tyranny of inequity

Blather and bleating, they ramble and gamble
From towering bricks of babel
In circular logic they prognosticate
Predict more of the same just different

The flickering neon cuts into the night
Silhouette of the big dead machine
The frenzy is over, they've all run for cover
The monster has eaten itself
The Marxists are grinning, this crazy world spinning
The monster has eaten itself

copyright ©2009 T. Atkinson