I'm Not an Algorithm

Nothing is easy, you’re not even able
To win what you lose, put bread on the table
If hope is your plan, good luck with that
Why make everything so hard

Say you will when you won’t, that you do when you don’t
Catch as catch can, cut loose what you can’t
The choices you made, you can’t walk ‘em back
Why make everything so hard

If you aren’t a hunter, you must be the prey
Big fish eat little fish, its always the way
As you’re chasing your tail for another cheap thrill
The wolves on the street want something to kill

Its a tribal world, with jungle rules for the game
You can pray to your dog, the end result is the same
Keep drinking the kool aid, they’re spiking the punch
The wolves keep getting their mutton for lunch
What you thought was yours, is not yours at all

AI is coming, its part of the plan
There’s a robot with your name, the new modern “man”
Being human’s so low tech, a soon to be lost art
Well, I’m not an algorithm
What are the consequences of that

(Who wants to listen to robot music, anyhow)

copyright ©2016 T. Atkinson